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The Icelandic Adoption Society

The Icelandic Adoption Society -IAS- was founded in 1978 by adoptive parents as a voluntary non-profit organisation. In January 1988 the Society opened an office in Reykjavík. IAS is the only organisation working in the field of international adoptions in Iceland. It is authorised by the Ministry of Justice to assist residents of Iceland to adopt children from abroad. IAS is still a non profit organisation.

On July 11th 2000 a new adoption legislation came into effect in Iceland. In May 2000 Iceland acceeded to the Hague Convention on inter-country adoptions.

The accreditation of IAS according to Iceland´s new law, was issued in October 2000 by the Ministry of Justice. This Ministry is also Central Authority.

The main purpose of IAS´s work will always be to ensure that an adoption is for the benefit of the child, to find a family so that a child can enjoy a normal, happy family life. IAS only works with applicants in inter-country adoptions and according to guidelines set by the Ministry of Justice.

The IAS takes responsibility for compulsory parents preparation courses, for the preperation of the adoption dossiers, sending dossiers abroad and assisting the family in planning the trip to meet and bring home the adopted child. Records are kept of every child and his/her family and follow-up reports are sent to the contact in the child´s country of birth.

Social activities for members of IAS include an annual Christmas party, a camping weekend every summer and several smaller gatherings.

The Icelandic Adoption Society takes part in the work of the Nordic Adoption Council and is a founding member of EurAdopt (1993).

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